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The Center for Heirs’ Property Preservation protects heirs’ property and promotes its sustainable use┬áto provide increased economic benefit to family owners through education and legal services.

…a legacy, a history, a promise.

"Woodland Advocate EVANGELISTS" for the Center

The Center’s “Woodland Community Advocates” want YOU to know that a gift to the Center from NOW – May 3rd will be DOUBLED up-to $7,500 match from the Frances P. Bunnelle Foundation!

Click on the PHOTO and follow the instructions – then be sure to CLICK on the circle at the end that let’s you “Schedule your donation for Lowcountry Giving Day” so it will count toward the match.

Everyone who GIVES will GET the chance to win a 1-night stay in a “King Deluxe Room” at the Francis Marion Hotel at your pleasure.



What happens to heirs' property affects everyone's quality of life.