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Our legal and forestry work has started an economic and land conservation movement that creates intergenerational wealth among historically underserved landowners.

We help protect family land by equipping families with what they need to build wealth and grow working landscapes. Join us today.

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Land Protection [2005-Present Day]

2,787 families have received one hour of free, legal consultation Advice and Counsel (A&C)
608 clients have received the full array of direct legal services to resolve their title issues
280 title issues have been resolved on family land with a total tax-assessed value of $13.6M

Land Utilization [2013-Present Day]

451 families, owning more than 30,000 acres, have benefited from SFP (Sustainable Forestry Program) services
288 forestry participants have developed or are developing forest management plans (FMPs) - the first step towards starting a forestry enterprise
322 forestry participants are working with USDA/NRCS to receive financial assistance to help pay for the work done on their land