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Do’s and Don’ts for Taking Care of Your Land

DO…Call us for advice at (843) 745-7055.

DO…Resolve your heirs’ property issues and seek the legal help you need.

DO…Educate yourself on land management practices and opportunities.

DO…Seek the help of a professional forester before you cut your trees.

DO… Work with your family, especially the younger generation, to create a shared vision for your land. Write down your goals for realizing that vision.

DO…Contact the SC Forestry Commission for advice if you own more than 10 acres.

DO…Keep asking questions until you get the answers you need to make decisions about your land.

DO…Collect and keep safe all the documents you have pertaining to your land. Be sure to obtain a survey, plat and deed.

DO…Have patience. Trees and land have a different life span. Proper land management takes time but yields great rewards.

DO…Spread the word about our work so that your neighbors and community can all benefit from proper land management and retention.

DON’T… Wait to resolve the heirs’ property issues on your land. The sooner you do, the sooner you can qualify for the many programs beneficial to you and your land.

DON’T…Sell your timber without first consulting a professional forester. ASK before you AXE!

DON’T…Wait to make estate plans or get your will drafted.

DON’T…Underestimate the value and potential value of your land.

DON’T…Sign anything until you fully understand what you are signing.

DON’T…Try to manage your land alone. Seek education and the help of professional foresters to realize the most from your land.

DON’T…Trust anyone who knocks on your door and offers to “cut your trees” for quick money. Your trees may be worth a lot more than they are offering.

DON’T…Be afraid to ask questions. You will make better decisions about your land if you get answers to all of your questions.

DON’T…Be intimidated by people who are pressuring you to do something with your land. You have the right to say “No” and seek advice before doing anything.

DON’T…Let your inaction distress your family and children.

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