Broadcast of “America’s Forests with Chuck Leavell”

Have you watched? Click the enclosed link!

Have you watched the Center featured on “America’s Forests with Chuck Leavell”?  This 30 minute public television program originally aired state-wide on February 6th.  Click the link below to watch it right now and read below for more information on this great program!

South Carolina Educational Television originally broadcast “America’s Forests with Chuck Leavell” Episode III on SCETV Thursday, February 6th at 9:00 p.m.  This program, which was screened earlier that week at the Charleston Music Hall, acknowledges the accomplishments of the Sustainable Forestry & African American Land Retention (SFLR) program through highlighting the work of the Center. The show was shot right here in the Lowcountry!  This program made its national premiere in December of last year in the Oprah Winfrey Theater at the Smithsonian’s National African American Museum in Washington D. C.

“We were privileged to accompany a few of the folks that are featured in this public television program to Washington,” said Jennie Stephens, CEO for the Center for Heirs’ Property Preservation.  “This episode features some of our local forestry landowners who are successful in not only retaining their family land, but through the SFLR program, they are able to increase the lands economic benefits.  This allows them to keep their land in the family for future generations.”

The Sustainable Forestry & African American Land Retention Program was launched in 2013 as an effort to aid African American landowners in turning their forested properties into economic assets.  The program capitalizes on innovative partnerships between local, state, and federal organizations to assist landowners in this process.  SFLR provides a variety of support to these landowners, including access to legal assistance and opportunities for sustainable forestry.

The show’s host, Chuck Leavell, is one of a kind.  Often on tour with the Rolling Stones, he’s both acclaimed as a rock-and-roll piano player and as a conservationist tree farmer.  After studying forestry by correspondence and doing much of his homework while riding a tour bus with the Fabulous Thunderbirds in the mid ‘80’s, Chuck and wife Rose Lane White Leavell turned her family’s plantation near Macon, GA., into what has become a textbook tree farm.  Hugging one of his many trees, Chuck declares he’s fortunate to have three real passions in his life:  “My family, my trees and my music.”  He is also the co-founder of The Mother Nature Network, the world’s leading environmental website.

America’s Forests with Chuck Leavell has aired on Public Television stations throughout the entire country.  If you want to see the preview of the episode filmed here in the Lowcountry you can view the trailer by clicking here:

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