Client Story

Securing Clear Title to Make Needed Home Repairs

Posted On September 29, 2020

There is always something that we hold so dear to our hearts, and we want to make sure that they are cherished. Ms. Clarissa’s story is that story that shows the love and the determination to protect and restore those memories that she holds so dear. The beautiful home was passed from generation to generation with memories fulfilling the home. Here is her story…

Ms. Clarissa was living in a beautiful family home that was owned by her grandfather. He died in 1984; the grandmother of Ms. Clarissa’s and her four children, including Ms. Clarissa’s mother, inherited the house. In 1997, After 13 years in the home, Ms. Clarissa’s grandmother passed away. One year after, Ms. Clarissa’s mother passed away. The estates of Ms. Clarissa’s grandmother and mother were probated, and the home needed repairs. So, Ms. Clarissa sought for assistance, and during that seeking, they (where she sought help) informed her that she did not qualify for home repair assistance because she was not an owner of the home.

The Center for Heirs Property Preservation (CHPP) represented Ms. Clarissa in two Determination of Heirs actions, one for her grandmother and one for her mother. As a result of those legal proceedings, Ms. Clarissa, her three aunts, and her two brothers, all gained ownership of the home. Since Ms. Clarissa will be the one staying in the house, the other heirs agreed that Ms. Clarissa should be the one to own the home. CHPP then prepared the home’s deeds by which the other heirs transferred their interest in the property to Ms. Clarissa.

Ms. Clarissa is now the sole owner of the home and qualifies for home repair assistance.