Client Story

It’s Never Too Late to Make Things Right

Posted On April 10, 2018

Richard was born and raised on his grandfather’s land at the corner of 6-Mile and Rifle Range Road in Mt. Pleasant. “It was all dirt roads back then,” he said.  “My uncle used to come through with vegetables in a horse-drawn wagon.”

Doors were never locked. “Everyone knew everybody…trusted everybody.” Richard and his four siblings grew up in the embrace of this family community and have lived their lives there but, over time, the neighboring properties have changed.

More and more houses were built. “There was just more of everything,” he said.  That’s when he and his siblings decided to make sure that their children would inherit the land.

After hearing about the Center at his church, Richard made the call. “If it wasn’t for the Center, I wouldn’t have had the money to pay for a lawyer to go through with it.”

The Center filed a Quiet Title Action after the heirs agreed to sign over their interest to Richard. Then deeds were written to give each heir his/her portion of the land. Family trust and agreement made the outcome a success.

“It’s a big relief.  Things are in order and it seems like we have no more worries,” Richard said with a laugh. “It makes me feel younger.”