What is Land Utilization/Sustainable Forestry?

Land Utilization is the part of the Center’s work that helps historically under-served families realize more economic benefit from their family land.  

Land Utilization is the Center’s 3rd bucket of work (Prevention, Resolution and Land Utilization).  In that bucket of work, the Center is currently providing “Sustainable Forestry” (SF) education and services to help landowners increase income from their land by growing trees. The Center provides these services to both heirs’ property landowners and non-heirs’ property landowners.

If you participate in the SF program, the Center will help you: 1) better understand the value and potential value of your land; develop and implement forest management plans on your land; 2) connect you with markets for your wood products, and identify and navigate resources and programs available to you.

How do you qualify to participate in the Sustainable Forestry Program?

  • You must own 10 or more forested acres.
  • You must commit to attending SF education workshops.
  • You may own heirs’ property OR you may own your land with a clear title.
  • If you own heirs’ property, you must begin the legal process to resolve your heirs’ property issues by either using the Center’s legal help or that of a private attorney.

Call the Center and ask for one of our foresters to find out more about the Sustainable Forestry Program at: (843) 745-7055.