Our Services – Heirs’ Property

The Center offers the full array of legal services needed to determine heirs, clear title to your family land and probate estates for HP clients. “Clearing title” means having the name of the deceased person removed from the deed of the property by legal measure and replacing it with the name(s) of the identified heir(s) of that deceased person.

To become a client at the Center, you must:

  • Own heir’s property within our seven-county service area (Beaufort, Berkeley, Charleston, Colleton, DorchesterGeorgetown and Jasper counties);
  • Want to keep your family land – not sell it;
  • Call the Center to make an appointment to come in for a free, 1-hour “Advice and Counsel” interview with the Center’s attorney to assess your heir’s property situation and if/how we can be of help (843) 745-7055 (No legal advice can be given over the phone);
  • Meet our income guidelines, and
  • Create your Family Tree.


Once you become a client, the Center will provide you with all of the legal help you need, including:

  • All the direct legal services necessary to resolve your heirs’ property issues (e.g. – conducting title searches, preparing documents, scheduling land surveys, requesting hearings, and providing full representation in court);
  • Help with resources to create your Family Tree;
  • A personalized “Family Presentation” to help your family reach agreement on what you want to do with your family land. Family agreement is the key to resolving heirs’ property issues. By bringing all of the family members to the table at the same time to air differences and learn about their heirs’ property situation, family agreement can often be reached.  Without family agreement, the Center’s attorneys cannot proceed, and
  • The drafting of your Last Will and Testament, so that you can name who will receive your property and possessions when you are gone.

 The Center ONLY assists families wanting to keep their land – not sell it.


Resolving your heirs' property issues gives peace of mind to you and to the next generation.

Resolving your heirs’ property issues gives peace of mind to you and to future generations.


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