The Center’s combined legal and forestry work has started an economic and land conservation engine that is crating inter-generational wealth among historically undeserved landowners through land retention and land management and production.

LAND PROTECTION [2005-TODAY] – The Center has prevented the growth of and protected heirs’ property.

  • 1,734 families have received legal Advice and Counsel
  • 414 clients have received direct legal services to clear title
  • 639 simple Wills have been drafted at free, community Wills Clinics
  • 151 titles have been cleared on family land with a total tax-assessed value of $8.3 million

LAND UTILIZATION [2013-TODAY] – The Center has promoted sustainable land use through the delivery of forestry education, technical and financial assistance.

  • 64 families have developed forest management plans [FMPs]
  • 23 have realized $1,319,598 from timber sales
  • 89 families have received a total of $859,294 in NRCS EQIP [Environmental Quality Incentive program] financial assistance to help pay for work done on their land according to their FMPs

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