2016 Donors

THANK YOU 2016  

“Angels”, Annual Campaign Donors, Dedicated Funders and “Lowcountry Giving Day” Donors!


YOUR generosity enables the Center to continue to help families protect their legacy of family land and use it to transform their lives and those of the next generation. 

The following donors made gifts to the Center between September 1, 2015 – August 31, 2016.  If we have left anyone out, please let us know and accept our sincere apologies.


Karen Abrams
Kate Bullard Adams
Dana Adkins
Herbert Alston
Jane Benson
Black Family Land Trust
Judge Solomon Blatt, Jr.
Stephen Blevins
Sharon Bowers
Willie J. Britt
Edward M. Brown
Melissa F. Brown
Norman Brunswig
Cheryl Carmack
Martha Craft-Essig
Judge Tamara Curry
A. Stan Davis
James Davis
Rev. Robin Dease
Armand Derfner
P. Michael Duffy
Molly Edwards
Fielding Home for Funerals
Ernest A. Finney, III
Delores Frierson
Aaron Garvin
Raymond Garvin
Stephen Gates
Richard Habersham
Myrtle Hart
Richard Hendry
Marian Heyward
Jenny Horne
Laura Huggins
Thomas L. Hughston
Rachel Hutchinson
Otis Allen Jeffcoat, III
Wilbur E. Johnson
Barbara Ann Kelly
Incentlee Lemon
Alissa Lietzow
Beverly Mayo-Layne
Bernie Mazyck
David P. McCann
Ralph C. McCullough
Alan McGregor
Georgette McKenzie
McNair Law Firm
Bishop Andrew Mole
Deborah Moseley
Matthew Nall
O’Neill & Fair, Attys at Law
Celeste Patrick
Calvin Pinckney
Marjorie Rath
Lucy C. Sanders
Michael Scardato
Robert Schofield, III
Jeanette Singleton
David & Paula Skinner
Phil & Starr Snead
Verneatha Spell-Profit
Harold Stowe
Kenneth Swing, Jr
Heather Templeton
Hope Watson
Watts Law Firm, PA
Cam & Whitney West
Lucille Whipper
Marietta Worthy
Rozell Wright
Mary Wrighten
Dorothy Young

10th Anniversary Angels

Roy & Amanda Maybank
Joan C. Pittman Fund of CCF

In Memory of Robin C. Duke

Kate Bullard Adams
Dana & Virginia Beach
Elizabeth Bradham
Jacqueline Cooney
Ann W. Dibble
Wendy Dopp
Patti Durkin
Paula Feldman
Julia A. Forster
Randal & Kitty Robinson
Larry & Judy Tarleton
Nancy Walker
Tyler Watson

In Honor of Tish Lynn

Kate Bullard Adams
Jack & Jennet Alterman

In Honor of Richard Hendry

Martha Craft-Essig


City of Charleston
South Carolina NRCS
US Dept of Agriculture
USDA Forest Service
USDA Rural Development
USDA SC Farm Service Agency 


Benwood Foundation
Coastal Community Foundation
•    Beaufort Fund
•    Julia and Lee Mcleod Endowment
•    Lothmann Family Fund
Ceres Foundation
Charleston County Bar Association
Edward W. Hazen Foundation
Frances P. Bunnelle Foundation
Gaylord & Dorothy Donnelley Foundation
Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation
Post & Courier Foundation
SC Bar Foundation
SC Forestry Foundation
US Endowment for Forestry & Communities – Forest Fund
Wells Fargo Foundation

CCF – Lowcountry “Giving Day” 

With the $7,500 incentive grant from the Frances P. Bunnelle Foundation (FPB) the Center raised $19,560. Then, FPB awarded the Center an additional $1,000 because 100% of our board gave $100 or more! THANK YOU!

Ashley H. Amundson
Brady & Betty Anderson
Ms. Susan A. Bass
Susan B. Berkowitz
Dorothea Bernique
Laurie Bixler
Margaret P. Blackmer
LaJuanda & Annie Brown
Rachel Carey
Jannette Celestine
Jacquelyn E. Chisolm
Kia Colleton-Livingston
Jill Conway
Sam Cook
Craft-Essig & Associates
Tamara Curry
Krystal Davis
Colette DeGarady
Ashley Demosthenes
Biddle Duke
Molly Edwards
Kardell Ferguson, Sr.
Lloyd & Willa Fields
Lawrence Ford
Frazier Real Property, LLC
Elizabeth Ganaway
Brian Grabbatin
Richard Habersham
Mary E. S. Hanahan
Jewnett Heyward-Adkinson
Gene Hundley
Sabrina Johnson
Yvonne Knight-Carter
Sharon Landis
Lands End Woodland, Inc.
Law Office of Laura W. Moore, LLC
Anne Rhodes Lee
Incentlee B. Lemon
Johnnie Mae Lester
Tish Lynn
Carol Manheim
Michelle Mapp
Montez Martin, Jr.
Bernie Mazyck
Alan McGregor
William & Barbara Middleton
Sybil Mitchell
George Morrison
Alan & Joanne Moses
R. Joseph Murphy III
Angela Myers
Pomerantz-Wilcox Family Fund of CCF
Whitney Powers
A. Bert Pruitt Jr
Irene S. Rhodan
W. McLeod Rhodes
Mark & Deborah Robertson
Boykin & Margot Rose
Roy & Amanda Maybank Charitable Foundation
Everard O. Rutledge
Alexander and Zoe Sanders
Lucy Sanders
Susan Sanders
David Schenck
Alex Singleton
Verneatha Spell-Profit
Jennie L. Stephens
W. Kenneth Swing, Jr.
Marilyn Mitchell Varner
Joshua F. Walden
G. Trenholm Walker
David & Sharon Ward
Elizabeth Warner
Patrick R. Watts
West Law Firm
Benjamin & Jacqueline Wilson
William & Mary Wrighten

Slann Island Sponsors

The “Unique Lowcountry Feast” on Nov. 7th [2015] was enjoyed by all thanks to our generous hosts: Dr. Harold Rhodes, III, Keith “Perry” Waring and Ricky Brown.

Brady and Betty Anderson
Ascue’s Auto Body & Paint Shop, Inc.
Nancy Bloodgood
Broadaxe Branch Partners
Rebecca Campbell
Coastal Community Foundation
Doug Collier & Rachel Young
Sam Cook
Steven Dopp
Willie Frazier, Jr.
Genoverde Biosciences
Lowcountry Superior Properties
Charles & Bradford Marshall
Mills Bee Lane Foundation
Everard O. Rutledge
South State Bank
Gloria Bromell Tinubu
W. McLeod Rhodes Co., Inc.

Giving is made easy online at: wwwheirsproperty.org or by sending us your gift in the donation envelope enclosed.  Please include your e-mail address on the envelope.